TJ Cawley Mayor of Morrisville


As your Mayor I will:
  • Lead and champion road widening and turn lane projects to reduce congestion, especially on Chapel Hill Road and McCrimmon Parkway
  • Ensure Aviation Parkway widening includes bicycle and pedestrian facilities all the way to Lake Crabtree
  • Foster a culture of innovation and environmental stewardship to make Morrisville the leading smart sustainable town in our region
  • Increase citizen involvement and input
  • Protect our environment by pursuing solar energy, increasing recycling and encouraging infrastructure for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Provide a connected lifestyle for our citizens, including free public Wi-Fi for all parks, greenways and town facilities
  • Be available, honest and forthcoming and truly listen to our citizens
  • Above all, do whatever it takes to turn good ideas into actions and get things done
Roads and Transportation

Although we are pleased that the North Carolina Department of Transportation is finally investing in some of our major roads, we need to stop taking credit for their funding and show some real leadership in investing in our own transportation infrastructure.

The people of Wake County approved local funding for a new transit system, and I will ensure that Morrisville reaps the benefits of public transit as that system is built.

We also need to provide safe options for our citizens to get to school, shopping and work using alternate modes of transportation, including bicycle and pedestrian facilities for our newly improved roads and an improved greenway system that truly works for our community.


As your Mayor, I will continue to work for smart growth that benefits our community, not my top campaign donors. I expect developers to contribute their fair share toward our community’s progress.

Morrisville has the best location and greatest potential in our region to provide exceptional, quality housing at reasonable prices. But we are undermining our potential success with some of our development decisions, such as approving low-cost single family housing, rather than obtaining the best and highest use for our limited available land.

We are part of a larger regional economic ecosystem and rather than focusing on overall value for our community, our current Mayor is singularly focused on having the lowest tax rate in our region. Instead, we should be focused on a higher quality of life while maintaining our already low taxes. Morrisville can and should achieve its highest potential. Let’s set a high bar and then succeed!

Parks and Greenways

I believe our public parks are an amenity that citizens want and they should be expanded and improved. My opponent has said he favors privatizing portions of our parks and recreation department.

As your Mayor, I will pursue free public Wi-Fi for all parks, greenways and town facilities to provide a connected lifestyle for our citizens.

I will strengthen our greenway system to provide safe options for our citizens to get to school, shopping and work using alternate modes of transportation.


I believe in the public school system and I have worked with the Wake County Board of Education to make progress for the citizens of Morrisville. I will do my part to ensure that Morrisville students have the opportunity for a great public education.


Because I believe that your local government is the most worthwhile investment you can make, I have proposed reasonable vehicle registration and stormwater fees so that Morrisville can invest in good, safe roads, police and fire protection and the amenities that our citizens expect.

In Morrisville, our residents and businesses are truly a team. We work together and we pool our resources to ensure that Morrisville is an exceptional place to live, work, play and do business. For every dollar that residents invest in our town, the business community also invests a dollar. What better way to leverage your investment to increase the value of your home and enhance our shared quality of life?


I believe that recycling is a fiscally responsible environmental obligation and that it should be expanded. Our current Mayor wants to reduce our recycling.

I believe our local government should support composting, rainwater collection, proper hazardous waste disposal and other sustainable practices. These services benefit our citizens and our environment and are a sound, long-term financial investment.

I believe in renewable energy for a greener Morrisville. We can streamline the approval and permit process for people who want to install solar power. I will pursue the use of renewable energy, where appropriate, for our public buildings and efficient fuel sources and vehicles for our local governments’ fleet.

Town Center

We’ve talked about having a new Morrisville Town Center for years. As Mayor, I will get things done. Our children should be enjoying a new Town Center, but at the rate of the current administration, they’ll be grown before our Town Center is complete. The citizens of Morrisville want and expect this community asset and I will deliver it.

I fought hard for restaurants and shops to be part of the town center. Our current Mayor consistently opposed retail in the Town Center — contrary to the wishes of the community and the recommendations of our excellent consultant, who recognized that retail is an essential component of a thriving, sustainable downtown.

I believe that our town center should have a significant public amenity that belongs to the people and can be enjoyed be everyone. We need open green space but also a community center where our citizens can attend events, meet their neighbors or perhaps watch a movie or have a daddy-daughter dance.

Transparency and Open Government

I fought to ensure that your thoughts and input on Town decisions are part of the public record to ensure an open, transparent government. while our current Mayor prevented that information from becoming part of the public process.

I believe we should make it easier, not harder, for citizens to obtain all the information used by their elected leaders to make decisions. As your Mayor, I will promote an open, transparent local government.

Citizens for TJ Cawley, 103 Trellingwood Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560